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Order a Pork packages to fill your freezer for winter! 

The Brick House (Approx. 86 lbs)  $7.60/lb cut weight

12 lbs Ground Pork                         20 lbs Loin Chops

12 lbs Sweet Italian Sausage          3 lbs Loin Roasts   

12 lbs Breakfast Sausage              12 lbs Pork Shoulder

6 lbs Pork Butt                                 9 lbs Bacon               


The Stick House (Approx. 46 lbs)  $7.80/lb cut weight

6 lbs Ground Pork                       10 lbs Loin Chops

6 lbs Sweet Italian Sausage       4 lbs Loin Roasts    

6 lbs Breakfast Sausage             8 lbs Pork Shoulder     OR Pork Butt

6 lbs Bacon 

The Straw House (Approx. 25 lbs)  $8.00/lb cut weight

3 lbs Ground Pork                      5 lbs Loin Chops

3 lbs Sweet Italian Sausage      3 lbs Loin Roasts      

3 lbs Breakfast Sausage           4 lbs Poak Shoulder OR Pork Butt

2 lb Country Ribs                        2 lbs Bacon


The Wolf Sampler (Approx. 13 lbs)  $8.20/lb cut weight

1 lb Ground Pork                           4 lbs Loin Chops

1 lb Sweet Italian Sausage           1 lb Country Ribs         

1 lb Breakfast Sausage                 1 lb Bacon       

 4 lbs Loin Roast, Pork Shoulder OR Pork Butt  


NOTE: All weights are approximate. COST SHOWN IS A DEPOSIT. Final cost will be adjusted according to actual weights received. Packages are subject to availability of individual cuts. Some substitutions are possible for items having the same price per pound. 

NOTE: Pick up at the farm or at the Concord Farmers Market; Delivery available within 20 miles of our farm.