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Omas Cookies are an assortment of traditional German Christmas cookies with sweet and savory tastes evocative of all that is wonderful at Christmastime!

Pfeffernusse (“Pepper nuts) Spiced and iced! Pfeffernusse, made with almond meal and white pepper, have a wonderful texture and just the right balance of sugar and spice.

Lebkuchen, made with almond and hazelnut meal, homemade candied lemon and orange peels and a wonderful mix of spices, were first made in the 14th Century by monks who used thin wafers of altar bread at their base to help transform the sticky dough into delicious cookies. Topped off with chocolate and blanched almonds, they make a decadent dessert.

Springerle (“Little Jumpers) have a unique crusted top and springy, slightly chewy bottom with a nice anise flavor that develops over time. The 3-day process for making these delightful cookies is what allows for such detailed images on top.

Spekulatius (derived from the Latin for “mirrorbecause they are the mirror-image of the molds used to make them) are buttery gingerbread cookies similar to windmill cookies. Traditionally, these cookies were left to good children in Holland, Belgium and Northern Germany by “Sinterklaas” on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, December 6th.

Aachener Printen (another form of Lebkuchen specific to Aachen), is a hard gingerbread cookie that contain no eggs, fat or milk and virtually no water. They have 3 forms of sugar that caramelize during baking as well as Northern European brown rock sugar for an extra crunch. Originally, these cookies were made with American wildflower honey exported to England and then to Germany. We bypassed the extra travel time by using our own honey in these delicious treats.

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